Toast! The holy grail of any quick, easy, fancy looking brunch. By no means am I a nutritionist or enjoy healthy eating or seeing the colour green in any of my meals. But I mean it's always nice to tell yourself I'm gonna be healthy and eat that one healthy looking meal till you realize there's nutella in the cupboard and stalemate you have to give up.

Being a vegetarian it's always nice to have a few solid recipies down for the easiest meals, especially if cooking is not where you strive and for me toast is a really interesting thing to prepare. I mean you never know what's gonna be on you toast until you open the fridge. I found cream cheese, tomatoes, baby spinach and super lucky to have the ripe avocados. If you're opting for the healthier option then go for wholemeal bread (we only have white bread; rebel I know). 

Photography Tips: If anyone's interested in food photography I'd just like to say you can do a lot with just your smartphone. I take all my pictures with my Huawei p8lite and crop and edit all on VSCO. Natural ligthing is key and in terms of angles I have no strtergy yet I kinda just experiment as I go but if you have any tips for better photography or better toast then let me know, I'd love to hear from you.