Make-up. What to pack for travel?


M A K E - U P

BB Cream - For travelling its really important for your make-up to feel light weight and for me a BB cream is personally an easier, quicker, more subtle and travel friendly than a foundation which takes much more time to blend out. 

Concealer Stick - Just to cover the dark circles a stick concealer is best and I personally find a stick is easier to use, has better coverage and stays put.

Setting Powder - To prevent any make-up creasing, setting powder with a big fluffy brush is an easy fix.

Bronzer - To warm up your face brush bronzer close to the hairline and even contour to save time. For more intense contouring I would suggest a stick formula.

Highlighter - Glow like a goddess and don't let anyone tell you when to stop. Apart from cheeks this also works really well as inner corner highlight for you eyes and under the arch of your eyebrows.

Eyebrow pencil + Spoolie - Getting a double sided pencil and spoolie is best for travel saving time and space. 

Eyeshadow - With hooded eyes I absolutely struggle with eyeshadow and for me personally eyeshadows really stressful. For travel I suggest use your stick concealer as a eyeshadow base to brighten the eyes and then with your fingers tap your favourite natural glowy shade of eyeshadow all over your lids.

Eyeliner - If I'm in a rush the is the step I miss but I try not to because for some reason eyeliner makes me feel 10 times more confident.

Eyelash Curler + Mascara - You can skip curling you eye lashes but it honestly makes a huge difference. For travel waterproof mascara is hands down the only thing you should take.

Lipstick - Balms and glosses are the easiest options because it doesn't take much precision but just to add some colour I suggest take your favourite nude because even if you eat and its getting messy it won't stress you out.

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O T H E R  S T U F F

Sunscreen - If you'll be in the sun and you wanna come back looking the same colour then definitely protect you skin with sunscreen. You do't have to spend money on expensive sunscreen, I got mine from Kmart.

Blotting Sheets - In your going towards warmer weather then blotting sheets will help keep the sweat and oil away.

Cleanser - Don't forget about your skin when on vacation. Check out my favourite skin-care products here.

Toothbrush - Definitely don't forget it. For hygiene purposes get a case. I got mine from Kmart. 

Cosmetic bag - Clear is best so you can see everything inside. Mine is from Colour Co

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