Should you start a Journal?

I'm someone who loves to try out new things, get a feel for many scopes of the creative field and early this year I started a journal. I was aiming specifically bullet journaling but I definitely bent the rules and my journal is quite different from what I expected. Overall it's all about making it personal to you and capturing moments and thoughts which you can look back at and really feel proud of any progress you've made and your journal can even help you visualize your mental health. I'm just going to share what did and didn't work for me in my journaling experience so you can be inspired to start your own journal this new year.

2017-11-30 01.33.02 2.jpg

One thing I love about having a journal is that I get to doodle, which is something I can't do with my E-Journal here on the blog. You don't need to go out and buy expensive fine liners and water markers in order to style our journal. I used one black pen and a small pack or colouring pencils to create everything in my journal and it went really well with the minimalistic theme I was going for. 

In my journal I had a bucket-list  and a goals page because why not. I seriously have the weirdest things in my bucket-list but it really reminds me about what I wanna do in my life for me and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. My goals were just for the year and having this journal and being able to look back and tick off so many of those goals really is an amazing feeling and for me it's really important to know for yourselfr how amazing of a person without anyone having to tell you.

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Two other sections I tried out was a timetable and a monthly spread. The timetable was nice to start off with but obviously during the course of the year I wasn't pulling out my journal to check my classes and the monthly spread was a stuggle. I missed out outting in more than half of the months during the year and I never really found myself coming back to my journal to look at the monthly spreads so that's probably something I won't bother with in my nest journal.

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If I really wanted to open my journal to come back and read something it would be my grateful section and I highly recommend you find a space in your life to write what you are grateful for. I also tried to a mood tracker to log my mood but quickly realized that my mood changes by the second and it's almost impossible to keep track of it. I also had pages to write down my achievements and I think it peronaly really adds value to my journal.

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Quotes were an easy way to express a certain feeling and looked quite beautiful aswell. But the most most most special part of my journal is in the middle where my most beautiful memory with someone was captured between two pages and that is the first rose I ever got. Its been almost a year of having this rose and it still makes me just as happy as it did when I first got it.

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So overall I really hope you feel in some way inspired to give journaling a go. It's definitely a personal experience and different for everyone but I recommend you find a creative space just for yourself to make your life visual and maybe learn a lot more about yourself.