What This Past Year Taught Me

My Blog is officially celebrating its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! So much has happened over this past year since starting my blog, I started uni, went on a self exploration journey, made some mistakes, took some risks, met new people, done new things that as a whole have taught me a few things that made it all worthwhile. So I present to you all, 10 things I’ve learned this past year.

  1. Maturity Is Attractive

    Coming into uni and seeing how understanding, polite and responsible people actually exist (rare sight in high-school) has to be so inexplicably attractive that being so effortlessly mature has to have become my life goal.

  2. Love Is Pixie Dust; sprinkle it everywhere

    Love is the magical emotion that runs the world, so why speak bitter about someone, feel the need to spread hate as a result of your own insecurities. Understanding that love can be passed on through the kindness of your words and actions and uplift the people who come in contact with your life is beyond beautiful. So why pick hate if you can choose love.

  3. Be Your Own Cool

    Growing out of the ‘trying to fit in’ mentality and just truly embracing myself as me has been one of the most amazing, again inexplicable, lessons that have converted my life for the better.

  4. Grow Is Beautiful

    Having dreams that you are in some way or another always walking towards is so important for the long run even though living in the present is as important and beautiful as it sounds, being completely aimless and ambition-less is harmful. So bring growth in yourself whether it be through small actions as long as you know you’ve taken steps forward.

  5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    There’ll be a lot of sweet talk but don’t believe it if it doesn’t convert into actions and in the same way don’t only make promises, keep them.

  6. Feed The Soul Self-Love

    With the pace of life constantly moving, you’d never know who’s in your life for good and who’s just seasonal, in which case being your own best friend will never leave you feeling lonely and on the constant search to have someone to fill that space of loneliness. So fall in love with yourself, your own company should be one you enjoy.

  7. Self-Belief Is A Superpower

    If there’s one thing I cherish the most about myself it would be the amount of self-belief I carry and how this one trait has been the reason behind most of my successes. Please please please believe in yourself and your abilities because if you truly believe you can do anything, you will be able to do anything.

  8. Toxic Things Need To Go

    Don’t keep anything toxic in your life. If something is bringing you more pain than joy then it does not belong. Whether it be a person or an experience that does not bring you the love and satisfaction that you deserve then life is too short to waste time holding on to these things, just let go so you can make room for better things to come.

  9. Embrace Your Inner Child

    Sure maturity is attractive and growth is important but never let your inner child die. Come back to the innocence in you and make sure to find joy in the little things because I can tell you that’s where some of my best memories are made.

  10. Karma Definitely Exists

    Whatever goes around comes around, so just take my word for it and don’t do stupid things.