5 Product Everyday Make-Up Look

Don't get me wrong, I love make-up. But I just can't sacrifice 20 mins of sleep for a full coverage make-up look every morning and feel it all slip off during the day. Less in more, in fact I even spent my Valentines (glam up occasion) with a bare face. So if there's an average amount of effort I'd put in my everyday make-up look, it would be with these 5 products.

2018-02-19 03.15.41 1.jpg

Could just be me, but oil base is my favorite, which is why I use Essano Rosehip Oil as a base to make my skin feel glowy, not too much though or it can backfire. Next my Elf BB Cream is dabbed on with my fingers, only a little bit so it seamlessly blends in. Whether I have time for oil and BB cream, eyesbrows are first priority. I use Elf Brow Pencil and I do generally have thick brows but I just give them a more defined brow shape. Next priority product is mascara and I bought this one from Japan Mart and for that extra I feel fab today look, highlight your cheek bones and inner corner of your eyes. And that's it, that's me. I hate stuff on my lips only balm but in this case I just used the rosehip oil. Bow down to the people who attempt eyeshadow and liner as part of their everyday look because that is a stressful road for me. Almost all the products I used here are part of my 2017 Favourites so check them out here.

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