Sari Skirt - Royal Blue

My most recent obsession is to reconstruct a sari into a lehenga (skirt) and the new possibilities in your wardrobe are endless. So if you have a sari (or your mums sari), grab it and style yourself a sari skirt which everyone will be asking you about.

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Sari Skirt - Royal Blue Look

Sari - Silk sari works best for this look, mine is actually my mums bought from India but I've seen many here in Auckland.

Stiff netted underskirt - *Optional, but I recommend it for a nicer flair. I used the same skirt as my Indo Western blog, check it out here

Blouse - Any blouse matching to the sari but mine is a completely different spare ready made blouse I have lying around.

Dupatta - (Veil), mine is from an anarkali which most closely matched my sari. I suggest netting dupattas.

Jewellry - My earrings and mangtika were a set from retail (sorry don't remember what shop) and my bangles which have bells all around are from a diwali mela.

How to create the Sari Skirt

Over your stiff netted underskirt, tuck in the end of your sari from the back. Now make one inch pleats working your way around the whole waist and there you go you have your sari skirt. Tug and pull, shuffle around to make sure it sits well for you and pin the end of the sari right at the bottom to keep it from flying around. I do not recommend you scrunch the sari around your waist. Your skirt will look really untidy and the scrunching will add fat to you waist which is definitely not a desired look, so take your time and pleat. 

Hope you have fun playing around with your own versions or a sari skirt and do send me your creations.


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