Clay Mask

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Recently I thought to try the Essano Rosehip Clarifying Clay Masque and let me tell you it is definitely something to experience. I've never tried a clay mask before, only kind of masks I've tried are mud and lemon and honey, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. 

The mask itself has such a nice rich texture, it's light pink in colour, it's affordable and from a trusted brand, to know more about my love for Essano and all the goodies in my skin care routine check out my skin care blog here.

Just to be clear, the mask did sting, but because I've tried lemon masks in the past I was familiar with the sensation although I wasn't expecting such a sting, it did die down though. After the washing off the mask my skin felt tighter and smoother, softer and fresher which all are perfect results you'd expect from a quality mask.

2018-02-26 05.19.54 1.jpg

As far as I know can find this mask at any New Zealand supermarket and if your looking for something else for your skin care routine then click the link below to be inspired.