Go-To Earrings

Earrings are the one piece of jewellery that can go with every outfit and if you have the right collection, they can light up your look. I'm someone who really enjoys collecting and wearing earrings, so here's my 6 favourite go-to earrings:

2018-02-06 05.57.38 1.jpg

They're all from Lovisa and Colette except the one with blue eyes, that's from the Twice As Nice Night Market and the one below (my absolute fav) is actually from an Indian store bought well before I had the brain to remember. Generally silver earrings are catching my eyes and yes I don't have any pearls because I really don't know what to style them with. 

2018-02-06 06.12.58 1.jpg

If you can tell I just really enjoy tiny dangly stuff in my studs and the boho look in this one in particular is just something I love. I'd love to know what you love about earring and if you're not an earring kinda person then