Hair Extensions, Straighteners And Smiles

I have crazy natural hair, so it took me a while (still is taking me time) to tame it and feel comfortable and confident with it. So ladies and gentleman, here's how I prep my hair for the week and all things hair related.

2018-03-14 02.40.38 1.jpg

Wash - I generally wash my hair every 4 to 6 days because that's around when my hair naturally gets oily. I wouldn't say I've found a holy grail shampoo yet but this Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner ave been working well because whats better than less frizzy hair. 

Dry - I almost always air dry my hair unless and until I'm in a hurry to get ready (which was the case in this video).

Straighten - I do straighten my hair a lot because that how I'm most comfortable with my hair. I did used to curl it too before but now my hair just doesn't curl for some reason. I use the Kensington straightener because my Remington died on me last year (my favourtie straightener) but Kensington is doing pretty well for a warehouse straightener. 

Extensions - Yay the fun part. My extensions are actually a full set of human hair extensions which my mum got from USA, but I know many salons here in Auckland sell human hair extensions too. My extensions are actually the same length as my real hair but because I naturally have thin hair the extensions give it that extra volume which actually feels really luxurious (don't worry they are very secure, I've never had an incident). I don't use the full set on a everyday basis, it really just depends on my mood and my hairstyle.

And that's it guys, that's my general hair prep routine which is how I handle my natural hair on a day to day basis. Hope you learnt something new or are inspired to try figure out whats your favorite stress free way of dealing with your hair.