Peel off Eyebrow Tint Disappointment

Yes I've done many blog posts about products I love, but finally a product fail which really had my spirits high at first but didn't live up to the hype. Peel off eyebrow tint, seen it everywhere and for someone who loves somewhat keeping her brows looking good, I thought to give it a try and here's what happened...

2018-03-19 07.30.07 1.jpg

So here the beautiful brow tint and don't get me wrong it does tint your brows, it does peel off and my brows were looking fine, gorgeous actually, until like an hour later when I had a shower and it all completely came off. I did't tint my skin, it was only a thin layer of colour sitting over my skin which in one wash completely disappeared. 

The whole purpose of tints are to keep your brows looking natural in the morning making it a breeze to walk out the door. So the only way to make this product work is by not showering or washing your face for days to keep the brow tint from coming off or apply the product every morning and wait ages for it to dry making it even more time consuming then a normal brow routine.

 Well if you have any brow hacks or tips then let me know on any on my social media accounts. I would love love to know how to quickly do my brows.