Chocolate Pancakes - Vegetarian

By no means am I a cook, but being a vegetarian my whole life I've never felt like I've had to miss out on anything because there are endless vegetarian recipes to satisfy every craving. Today I thought to share Chocolate Pancakes, it's god damn easy and I don't know why people think you need egg for everything because you don't. 

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Flour - 3/4 cup

Sugar - 2 Tbsp

Coco Powder - 1 Tbsp

Milk - 1 cup



1. Mix dry ingredients in a bowl, add milk until you have a pouring consistency.

2. Heap up a pan, I used nonstick so no need to grease but if you are using a normal pan then grease lightly with any cooking oil. (Low heat)

3. Pour the batter in whatever shape your size you like, use a spoon or don't use a spoon its up to you. I like using a measuring jug.

4. Flip with a spatula wen you see the edge has gone hard and there are a few bubbles over the pancake. Cook the back for about a minute and its ready to plate. 

5. Top with whatever you like or eat it plain. I used nutella, honey, bananas and frozen blueberries. Enjoy!



Makes 4 pancakes so adjust the mesurments depending on how many you'd like to make.

These ingredients are just approximates, this is a lazy recipe so you don't need to whip out measuring equipment, even if you eye it out it'll be fine. 

You can use any flour you like, plain or brown and when I'm on a eating healthy spree I use oat powder which is just blended oats and that works just as good.

Only add milk until the batter is of a pouring consistency, this could less or more depending on the type of flour you use.

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