I Have Insecurities

Hey guys, so this Easter weekend I'm busy with some beautiful family functions, if you follow me on Instagram you'd probably had some sneek peaks. Again I was excited as always to bling up in some gorgeous Indian clothes, but I honestly wasn't feeling who I was seeing in the mirror.

2018-03-30 06.22.51 1.jpg
2018-03-30 06.24.38 1.jpg

I love myself, I honestly do. I know I'm far from perfect but still I'm always proud enough to share my love for style and fashion no matter how out of place my body is and it hit me that there's many of you out there that probably don't share this same sort of self love so I thought it's time for me to open up about my insecurities. I'm not skinny, when I saw the pictures above I can see my belly sticking out. I've always had a chubby face and its something I've always always always been insecure about. I have cramped teeth and at times I do feel it lets down my smile. I'm not sharing all this just so I can be flooded with messages telling me I'm beautiful and what not, because apart from all the insecurities I have I still chose to put it all up on a blog and reinforce how much I appreciate the body I have. I really hope that despite any and all of the insecurities you might have, you chose to appreciate your body.

On the other hand, there is a thin line between self love and a healthy body so don't overlook and accept any health related problems. Just to set an example I'd like to confess that I am overweight for my height right now and as much as I love myself, I know I can put my mind to it and burn off that gaping belly. Follow me on Instagram if you'd like to see my process (starting after the Easter weekend of course).

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Love you all 

Love you all 

Bhavina Singh