Uni Style Guide - Overalls

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The Overall Look

Overalls - Dotti, my current fav shop. Saw similar overalls in Glassons but they were ripped (not my type), I like the clean smooth denim.

Crop Top - Factorie. I felt like I needed a crop top and white seemed like a really versatile colour. I love the overalls with this crop top but overalls are amazing they work with almost anything so have fun experimenting. 

Glasses - Glassons. Oh my god I love love love these glasses, they have 100% UV protection but I try pull them off as normal glasses.

Shoes - The Warehouse. Same ones I've worn in a lot of my other style guides, check them our here. But I actually need some new shoes to feel totally free to let me know what kind of shoes you think are a must have for your wardrobe, my social media channels are all linked below.