Roaming The City

Finally got the time to just stroll through the city with my sister and as tiring as it was, we had a great time. We actually did a trial vlog and man was it embarrassing so sorry there's no city vlog but I'll try to just go ahead and vlog and not care much about how cringy it's gonna be. 

We had a little photoshoot literally in the middle of Glassons but the pictures came out nice thanks to my amazing personal photographer (my sister). And just to put it out there, there's a little special anouncement coming soon.

2018-04-13 01.51.41 1.jpg
2018-04-13 01.53.24 1.jpg
2018-04-13 01.58.54 1.jpg
2018-04-13 02.02.06 1.jpg

The City Look

Turtle Neck (grey) - Mirrou

Dress - Pagani