18 Random Things About Me

Hello fam. Comment section is finally open thank you to all the amazing people who voted on my Instagram poll, so comment one random fact about yourself. And here it goes, 18 random things about me...

  1. I wanted to start a blog since around 5 year ago
  2. I'm a vegetarian since birth (I struggle to eat fruits or vegetables)
  3. I hate fizzy drinks (milk is my thing)
  4. I'm studying Bachelor of Business and I knew I wanted to do business since year 10
  5. I never embraced being an Indian which is why I started my blog, to find pride in being an Indian in NZ
  6. My middle name is Bharti
  7. I went to Polyfest for the first time ever this year
  8. I've never got drunk or smoked, I never would and I don't find it he least bit attractive (I hate smokers and drinker)
  9. I don't know how to apply lipstick without it looking horrible
  10. My most favorite person in the world is my sister
  11. I'm a pro at henna designs (at least I consider myself to be)
  12. My favourite food is chocolate donuts (explains my overweight situation)
  13. There is a fly in this room right now and it'd driving me insane
  14. My favorite Indian actor is Aamir Khan
  15. My last name is Singh but I'm not a punjabi
  16. I suck at cooking
  17. I've never owned an Apple product
  18. I turned 18 this year