Mid-year 2018 Beauty Favourites

Yess, I got a lot of new make-up products to try (this is just a fraction of it). Thought it was time to step up from BB creams into the serious stuff and after sleepless nights of exploring with make-up, I've found some fabulous affordable yet stunning make-up products. 


Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

I actually got 4 different shades of this foundation so it could not only fit me, but fit you too. (dropping hints the exciting news). I have both dewy and matte finish. It's a medium coverage foundation but can be built up to a full coverage. Not streaking or oily finish, blends in like skin.

Maybelline Master Conceal

Previous concealers I've tried are just look so ashy and they are too runny and its all just a mess, keep in mind I'm only talking about affordable brands here. This concealer is blends effortlessly without shifting, its more on the creamy consistancy which is something I love and it won't crease once set nicely with banana powder which is next on the list.

Australis Banana Powder - Loose

Loose powder is essential when using concealer and foundation to do a full face and I'd heard lots about banana power being a very popular setting powder. So when I saw this brand with affordable banana powder, I had to give it a go and I have to say I'm in love. Its soo fine, a little goes a long way, it blends beautifully and evens out everything to look like healthy skin. It's a one shade fits all kinda product which is amazing. 

Elf Bronzer Palette

With all that full coverage foundation concealer and powder my face had lost its colour, so a nice natural versatile bronze was in need and elf had the perfect palette for me. There are 2 matte and 2 shimmer shade depending on the look, mood and season. Blends beautifully although its not strong enough to contour with.

Fifth Avenue Blush

This is probably one of my most favourite purchases because blush can be such a scary territory for me. But this blush right here is gorgeous. Build it up or keep it natural its a colour that suits every skin tone so well (tired and tested).

Fifth Avenue Lipliner

I just got one shade so far because I wanted to make sure it was smooth and pigmented and it definatly is. Will definatly go back for more shades although this once is gorgeous for an everyday look.

Jordana Matte Lipsticks

Walking down the road of make-up, Jordana was definitely one of the first brands to test and explore since they are so affordable. Although their base products don't compare to high brands, their lip products are a shocker. The say matte ad it is matte, not as of a liquid lip but still applying smoothly with great colour payoff. Good make-up is good make-up regardless of the pricing or brand.