Everyday Hairstyles

Hair can sometimes just look soo out of place. So since I got a new straight cut haircut, here's a few of my favourite straight hair looks that look trendy yet timeless on every outfit.

Just part the middle, tease the crown (optional), tuck or bobby pin behind the ears. Hairspray baby hairs or it can take away the sleekness of the look

Sleek Middle Part

2018-06-08 04.37.26 1.jpg
2018-06-08 04.39.33 1.jpg

Keep it classy and at the same time keep your hair out of your face. I just bobby pin hair as it naturally falls without trying to force it into place. Try this one out a few time and you'll work out how much of a puff suits you.

Half-Up Half-Down

2018-06-08 04.48.18 1.jpg
2018-06-08 04.55.14 1.jpg

This is a great keep your hair out of your face while still looking bold and independent. Just tie a half ponytail, twist it a bit and bobby it down. Again, once you try it on yourself a few times you'll understand how your hair flows, how many times to twist and where to bobby pin because you can't force your hair.

Half Bun 

2018-06-08 04.56.08 1.jpg
2018-06-08 04.59.17 1.jpg

If all else fails you still have these classic ponytails that match with everything. With straight hair a sleek low middle part pony can look sophisticated in the perfect ways and if your not going for that mature look then a finger combed high pony also looks good with any outfit. 

DO NOT: If your doing a normal high pony, don't comb your hair down smoothly like you would with a low pony. It can look soo awkward and you can lose that trendy yet classy vibe in your style. Also, in my opinion, never do a ponytail that is neither high nor low and awkwardly in between. Again you'll lose the 'I look put together' vibe but again I don't speck for everyone, some people can amaze you.

High Low Ponytail

2018-06-08 05.00.34 1.jpg
2018-06-08 05.01.38 1.jpg