Sari To University - Experience

On the first day of the second semester, I decided I wanted to make the most bold and fearless entry to the city campus, by wearing a Sari to University!

I had planned about a week in advance that I was gonna do this and it was all mainly for the excitement of doing something different, stepping out of my comfort zone, but by the end of the day I had learnt so much more then I had initially intended.

Self Expression - I was always very scared as a child to take pride in sharing where I come from. I loved my culture, I knew it was so rich and beautiful yet eating currying in school seemed like such a daunting task. Since then, breaking out of this shell and sharing my identity is something I've love to grow in myself, through my blog, my pageant experience and wearing a sari to uni was just the icing on the cake. 

First Impressions - The dangerous art of blending in is definitely something to be curious of, which is why I wanted to make sure my first impressions were bold, I was totally being me and so for the rest of my time here I could remain me. 

Reactions - I didn't know what to expect going in, all I knew that I was going in for all the right reasons which is always whats important but thankfully I got the most amazing responses one could imagine. 

This should be a norm. You make it look so classy.
— One Amazing Human Being
Indian Culture Worldwide
— An Amazing Supporter

Are you prepared to dare yourself, to embrace your identity, to make a statement, to be you. Because there's nothing to lose and everything to gain and if I can do it, anyone can!

Thank you for honestly flooding me with so much love, from the people who commented and filled my inbox with the most beautiful uplifting compliments to those who gave me a smile, had a conversation and just showed genuine support for stepping out of the norms to just let me be happy enough to be me, I am forever grateful to have come accross such amazing people.

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