Beginners Guide To Skin Care

Recently I've been getting a lot of questions about skin care. What to use, where to start and keeping it practical. So here I've complied a my beginners guide to skin care.

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Face Wash/Cleanser - The most essential part a skin care routine is the face wash. Whether you're wearing make-up or not you need to clean your face from all the dirt and dust throughout the day and should ideally be used twice a day although I generally only use it once a day. There's so many on the market and it's really a place to explore, but I personally love Himalayan Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash, all the details about this specific product is given below.

Exfoliater/Scrub -  After cleanser, an exfoliater is my next favourite thing. It has a slightly rough texture so you can buff it into your skin to get rid of dead skin. Although its a necessary part of your skin care routine it should only be used twice a week as using it daily can irritate the skin. 

Toner - This isn't a must but generally when it comes to skin care, toning your skin is part of the process. You can use any store bought toners but they generally have a high amount of alcohol which is why I recommend using rose water. All you have to do is pour it on a cotton pad and gently wipe your skin to pick up anything hat could be left behind after cleansing.

Moisturizer - Now this is important. There are millions of moisturizers but what you should look for is SPF 15+ at least. if you have dry skin go for more oil based moisturizers while on the other hand if you have oily skin go for a more absorbent and thin consistency moisturizer. During winter you'll find skin peeling becomes more common which is why during this time of the year go for a moisturizer with a thicker consistency, cream based. My favourite most affordable and promising brand is Olay. Their daily moisturizer is of an absorbent thin consistancy and their 7inOne moisturizer  is a thick formula which is what I'm reaching for these winter months.

Face Mask - This is just a fun way to treat your skin. Out of all the steps listed above, this is the least important to maintaining healthy skin yet if you wanting to treat specific problems in your skin, face masks work best. DIY face masks provide the best results according to me, such as lemon and honey masks, yogurt and tumeric masks. I'll be sharing some homemade masks soon so keep an eye out.

This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above. I am not a skin care professional and all recommendations made are based on products that I have personally used and enjoyed.