Natural Nails At It's Best

2018-01-23 07.08.27 1.jpg

How to:


French Tips.

Nails, nails and more nails. If there's one thing I get asked a lot after a bit of nail paint is, "Are those your real nails"? And yes, yes they are. Even though they're not perfect, I've taken a bit of pride in keeping them looking so fresh and if I'm being totally honest, well groomed nails actually brighten up my mood. So here's my little guide to keeping your real nails looking this fresh.

2018-01-22 09.52.08 2.jpg

Start off: You can achieve the look with only white polish, if you wanna make it shine and protect it for days then grab a clear top coat and if you've got a lot of time and want the perfect look then get a nude pink polish. Also need nail stickers or tape.

Paint it on: One layer of pink, let it dry completely then line the stickers or tape below where the natural whites of your nail begin as shown. Finally paint on the white polish on the tips and slowly remove the tape.


Quick Tip: You can use a normal top coat like the one shown above or opt for a gel top coat like the one below. Cheap polish but quality top coat seals the deal.

2018-01-22 08.17.55 1.jpg
2018-01-23 07.08.27 2.jpg

Voila: Be left with this natural yet an extremely satisfying set of french tips.