7 Days of Luxury

On my most recent trip to Fiji I had the privilege to stay at one of the most luxurious hotels in the country, Grand Pacific Hotel.  We (my mum, sister and I) were staying for a week to attend a wedding and the great service, view and food were the icing on the cake for our trip.



I guess the picture says it all. Sea view, pool, lawn, mountains and just the hotel beauty all together was a perfect view from our room on the fourth floor.



Keep Yourself Engaged

The hotel is filled with things to keep you busy like a gym, lounge, resuraunt, bakery, cession room, massage sessions and much more. Me and my sister obviously chose to hit the pool in our embarisingly kid sized togs.

2017-12-12 04.27.42 1.jpg


Breakfast was always on the house and the variety was much wider than we had imagined. From the most tropical fruits to the finest bakes, it was all there and the best part we could eat as much as our hearts desired. (I ate coco-pops everyday) 


If you'd like to book a stay or get to know anything else about the hotel then click this link. Please don't mind how dead and tired we look in all the pics, check out my social media links for more cringy pics and wedding posts coming soon.