Summer is just around the corner and it's definitely a time where transitioning to different skin-care products can be difficult. I've recently been exploring the next set of products that best suit my combination skin and here are some of my favorite picks to treat my skin this summer. 

2017-11-20 05.18.28 1.jpg

I've always preferred to use all my skin-care components from the same line coz I believe products designed in the same line are more likely to share similar ingredients and work better together. My newest obsession in a brand called Essano and its all about rosehip. At first glance the packaging is what caught my eye but what I really loved about this range compared to other products in this price range was that there's no harsh chemicals sulphates, no silicone, pure rosehip oil, crafted in New Zealand and most importantly cruelty-free

To try out the basic range I got the 'treat yourself' starter pack which came with all the products above. (rosehip oil 3ml, night cream 10g, moisturizer 20ml, body lotion and cleaner 20ml). The sizes a perfect for travel and for me the moisturizer, rosehip oil, and night cream are not even half way after about a month of using them. My personal favorite was the cleanser which was just soo amazing for my oily skin. It really felt like my skin was being deeply clensed unlike some cleansers I've tried in the past which feel like they just sit on the skin. For me the cleanser was definatly a buy again product which is exactly what I did.

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There are 2 types of cleansers available; gentle foaming cleanser and moisturizing creme cleanser. The foaming cleaner is the same as the one in the same pack which I didn't notice when I bought the creme cleanser but after using both I find creme works best on dry skin and foam works best on oily skin and because I have combination skin I like to switch between the two.

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The starter pack came with the cute simple cotton bag and it perfectly fits all of my Essano products ready to use whenever I need them. Essano is available in most groceries stores accross New Zealand and have a very afforable price with most of the products ranging from $10 - $20. The brand also has toners, make-up removers, hair products and much much more.