The Rise of Indo-Western Fashion

Being Indian but living in a majorly western community means getting the opportunity to create the perfect style fusions of the two into a recently growing overwhelming style called Indo-Western fashion. 

I've dicovered some basic guidelines to help fuse your own Indo-Western outfits.

2018-01-26 07.46.14 2.jpg
2018-01-26 07.53.36 2.jpg

Plain with pattern: In my example I pair a plain skirt with a very Indian style dupatta (veil). This also works well the other way round. My skirt and blouse are from Roop Darshan but the dupatta is completely stolen from a different outfit.

Bangles: One hand only works best with most looks.

Earrings: Keep them Indian but mine are from Colette, still looks pretty Indian though.



2018-01-26 07.49.00 1.jpg

These same kinda guidelines can be applied to jeans or pants being the western portion of the look, paired with bangles on one hand and Indian earrings. Will show this version in the future.

Totally give it a try and be bold with expressing both sides of you.