The Sari

It's always been difficult to feel comfortable in a sari. It's quite complex to put on, hard to pull off and not an easy public look in any non-Indian community. Well that's what I felt for a long time when I was shy, scared and 'trying to fit in' when being totally out of the box is where all the parties at. But the main point is that stepping out in a sari can be the most easiest, comfortable and enlighting experience. There's definitely no rules to follow as you can see I've totally demolished the regular front pleats into a full skirt. 

For my outfit itself, its all completely my mums and I have no idea where she got it from but if you'd like to know I can try investigate the back story of this sari. 

Being a complete amateur if I had to give any style advice it would be to pair your sari with a jhumka. If you don't know what a jhumka is, its a bell shaped earring that absolutely can bring any Indian outfit to life.

Personally I find saris can blow up and fold into weird shapes along the waist sometimes creating unpleasant shapes. For this I love wearing a kamarbund  (waist band), it never fails to disappoint and you can use the same one for almost every outfit.

I'd love to get inspired so get to know me more on social media. Heaps of love.