Uni Style Guide - Flowy Pants

Going into Uni means no more uniforms, in some ways thank goodness but it also means you need to know what works best for you so that 'what should I wear?' isn't a questions that's making you run late. 

2018-01-23 10.59.44 1.jpg

The Flowy Pants Look:

Green Floral Loose Pants - Mirrou Not available online

Black Blouse - Also Mirrou

Shoes - The Warehouse

Watch - Lovisa Not available online

Backpack - Colette Not available online.


2018-01-23 06.43.01 1.jpg

I think it became quite clear that it's easier to find the more affordable pieces in stores instead of online so highly recommend you stay tuned for all the coming style inspirations I tried at UniPrep. If you'd like to know more about my experience at UniPrep then let me know.

Little Disclaimer: These looks are all just my personal preferences, things I enjoy wearing and that fit in my low, very low budget because I'm definatly not one for brands.